Iranian border guards have targeted a group of kolbars in the border areas of Nowsud, Kermanshah province, killing a kolbar named Safar Sobhani and injuring several others on 30 April.

Reportedly, the forces shot the kolbars at a close range and without prior warning.

Sobhani was the father of two children and came from the Durisan village of Paveh, Kermanshah province.

Although several other kolbars were injured during the shooting, so far, only the identity of one of the kolbars, Mobin Hamedi, who comes from the Desheh village of Paveh has been confirmed.

Iranian border forces have turned Nowsud border areas into the deadliest area for kolbars in the past few weeks.

In the last three weeks alone, two kolbars were killed and at least 31 were injured in shootings by Iranian border guards.