At least four kolbars were injured in the past few days due to either being shot by Iranian border guards or falling from mountain heights as a result of being chased by the border forces in Baneh, Kurdistan province.

On 10 July, border guards in the Kileh border areas of Baneh shot and wounded a kolbar named Ako Talaei, who comes from the Markhoz village of Saqqez, Kurdistan province.

In the evening of the same day, another kolbar from Saqqez, named Ayoub Javanipour, fell from a mountain height and was injured while being chased by border guards.

On 11 July, a 25-year-old kolbar named Saadi was shot and wounded by the Border Guard forces in the Hangeh-ye Zhal border areas of Baneh.

At the same time, a kolbar from Marivan, Kurdistan province, named Rashid Jamkhane was chased by border guards in the Sartazin border area of Baneh and was injured due to falling from a mountain height.