Civil rights activists in Baneh, Kurdistan province, called for demonstrations to protest the Iranian border forces targeting kolbars after border guards killed a kolbar and injured four in the border areas of the city on July 27.

A group of kolbars was targeted by Iranian border guards from a close range in the border areas of Baneh, Kurdistan province, on 27 July, as a result of which one kolbar identified as Sherko Chavshini was killed and at least four other kolbars were injured.

“This evening, a group of kolbars, while some of them were not carrying any goods, was targeted by the forces of the Barvish Kani border post in the border area of Mileh Meran of Baneh. They were shot, as a result of which Sherko Chavshini, 35, from Baneh, who is the father of one child, was killed by a bullet”, a source in Baneh told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The source added that during the shooting, at least four other kolbars were injured. The identities of these kolbars are Mohammad (last name unknown), Behzad Amini, Dana Shabani, and Rizgar (last name unknown).

The kolbars were taken to Salahuddin Ayubi Hospital in Baneh for treatment.

Following the continuation of the systematic killing of kolbars, a group of civil rights activists in Baneh published a joint statement on social media networks that would hold a demonstration in front of the city governorate on 28 July to protest the daily killings of kolbars by the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Previously, in September 2017, the killing of two Kurdish kolbars named Ghader Bahrami and Heider Faraji by the border guard forces in the border areas of Baneh led to protest rallies and widespread strikes in some cities of Kurdistan.