Iranian border guard forces opened fire on a group of kolbars in the border area of Hangeh-ye Zhal in Baneh, Kurdistan province, on 15 August and injured at least four kolbars.

The forces targeted the kolbars using shotguns from a close range and without prior warning.

The identities of these kolbars have been reported as Saman Mohammadzadeh, 29-year-old from Baneh, Arsalan Rahmani from Saqqez, Ali Abkar and Yousef Gheitasi from Bukan.

Earlier on 14 August, border forces wounded two kolbars named Shirzad Mesri from Salas-e Babajani and Shirzad (last name unknown) from Marivan in the border areas of Nowsud in Kermanshah province.

At least three kolbars have been killed and 12 kolbars injured as a result of targeting by border guards in Baneh border areas since late July.

During a visit to Baneh border posts in the past few weeks, the commander of Iran’s border forces Ahmad Ali Godarzi said: “Baneh borders from Haftash to Barvishkani will be closed in the next two months and we have ordered that no one should cross the border without permission of the border guards. If anyone violates the law, they will be treated harshly.”