A landmine blast in Hangeh-ye Zhal border area of Baneh, Kurdistan province, severely injured a kolbar identified as Mahmoud Osmani Jang-e Sar on 18 August.

The kolbar who comes from the Jang-e Sar village of Salmas, West Azerbaijan province, has lost one of his legs and his both eyes.

Osmani’s family is not able to transfer him to medical centres in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province, due to financial distress. He is currently hospitalised in Salahuddin Ayoubi Hospital in Baneh.

Civil rights activists have launched a campaign on social media to collect financial aid to send the kolbar to Tabriz for treatment.

Earlier, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) had reported that a child named Amanj Azarpour was also severely injured by a landmine explosion in the same border area on 17 August.