The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Saqqez has sentenced Mostafa Hamdi, the admin of the Porseman telegram channel, to two years in prison.

The court said it sentenced Hamdi to eight months for “propaganda against the state” and 16 months for “insulting the founder and the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran” due to publishing content and images on the internet.

Simultaneously, security institutions in Saqqez summoned and interrogated Keyvan Rahimzadeh and Khaled Narin, two media activists and Hamdi’s colleagues.

Also, on 1 October 2020, the court had summoned Mostafa Hamdi, and four other Kurdish media activists on charges of “publishing lies” after the former mayor of Saqqez filed a complaint against them.

The accusation came after the news reported the financial violations committed by the city council and the former mayor.