Iranian authorities have jailed three Kurdish citizens on alleged charges of “actions against national security” in n Orumiyeh, a reliable source said in an interview with Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Court had sentenced the detained to imprisonment back n February, the source said, adding that two of the sentenced Kurdish citizens are brothers.

The KHRN source said: “Two Kurdish brothers, Houshang and Mohamad Pirooz Zadegan, were arrested by Iranian security forces in Mavaneh, a village near Orumiyeh, in September 2015. They were kept two months in the detention centre of the Iranian intelligence agency in Orumiyeh. They were later transferred to the central prison of Orumiyeh. Houshang was sent to the branch 2 and branch 3 of the prison to be imprisoned among offenders of drug-related crimes. His brother Mohammad was sent to the juvenile offenders’ ward in the prison. In February 2016, the Court sentenced Houshang to two years and his younger brother Mohamad to one year behind bars.”

The source added: “The other jailed Kurdish citizen, Nasser el Din Dalayi Milan, was arrested around the same time. The court in February 2016 sentenced him to six months behind bars on charges of ‘collaboration with a Kurdish outlawed party’. He also spent his first year of pre-trial detention among common law detainees including drug offenders and other criminals.”

The basic principles of separating criminal and political prisoners has been undermined at the prison, where these Kurdish political prisoners currently go through a very difficult time while jailed with inmates charges mainly with drug-related crimes.