An ordinary prisoner with life imprisonment sentence has been on a hunger strike since 12 April in protest against the denial of the right to (Furlough) temporary leave at Orumiyeh Central Prison and after 30 days of hunger strike his health condition is critical.

According to Human Rights Network Kurdistan (KHRN), Hamid Karbalayi, from Orumiyeh (AKA Urmiye) arrested for drug offence and was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh. The request of Furlough this prisoner for has been rejected during these 14 years and 6 months imprisonment.

Since his temporary leave request have been repeatedly rejected and ignored by the judicial authorities he went on hunger strike [in Orumiyeh Prison] on (April 12, 2017). According to (KHRN) the prisoner is handcuffed in the prisons main hall in front of the solitary confinement and lying on the floor and his health condition is critical.