An informed source told Human Rights Network Kurdistan that Kamal Hassan Ramazan, Syrian political prisoner, has been officially notified the definitive implementation of his death sentences in absentia, in the prison, by Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Orumyieh on 20 May 2017.

According to the source, the statement by Judge M. Dadpour in the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh noticed to the head of the prison of Orumiyeh which mentioned that the Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh in absentia, has sentenced Kamal Hassan Ramazan on 12 November 2011, on charges of membership in P.K.K and armed insurrection against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the sentence is finalised.

The source added, the verdicts comes in absentia, as this political prisoner is from Syria Kurdistan and he wasn’t in Iran on the date.  Also last year, a new case composed for him in the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh on charges of the murder of several official government of the Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Guards of Orumiyeh. During this period, twice the Branch 6 of the Court of Orumiyeh has been investigating his charges. Since the last defence in November 2016 the case has been submitted to a branch of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh for sentencing while the political prisoners are awaiting a court hearing and His death penalty was confirmed in absentia.

Kamal Hassan Ramazan,” the 31-year-old citizen of Syria was arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with two other people from the city of Maku near Orumiyeh, in July 2015  and transferred to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps detention centre.

This political prisoner was questioned in detention Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Intelligence Ministry,” for Four months. Later, all three political prisoners  have been transferred to branch two of Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court and charged with membership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and they announced after arraignment. The court sessions of all three political prisoner were held at this branch by judge Sheykhloo on Aug 14, 2015 and after an hour of the hearing they sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison that officially announced to the prisoner’s lawyer.

The sentence of 10 years imprisonment of Ramazan, was reduced to 7 years by using the “submit vote” and applying Article 442. After the verdict becomes final he transferred to the Detention Corps of Orumiyeh and they increased pressure on him to make a new case and has been also forced to make confessions on TV for two months in February 2014.

Following this pressure, Ramazan has been transferred to The Ministry of Intelligence’s detention centre and the Intelligence Corps (IRGC) in Orumiyeh last year (on 6 December for 8 days and 6 January for ten days) to be questioned in a murder of a member of the Indigenous Guard, who was killed about ten years ago. Then the revolutionary court made a new case for him.