Over the past few days, a Sunni Kurdish prisoner was detained in the central prison of Ourmiyeh, sentenced to death by the Ourmiyeh Revolutionary Court on charges of Moharebeh (waging war against God).

An informed source told Human Rights Network Kurdistan that Davood Mihandoost,22, Kurdish citizen of Tarzlu area of Ourmiyeh, was arrested along with five other citizens by security forces in June, 2016. These prisoners were kept in solitary confinement for four months in the Orumiyeh Intelligence Office Detention Centre on charges of Moharebeh (waging war against God) through membership in Salafi groups and were interrogated and tortured.

According to the source, “The Case of the prisoners was held by Judge Ismail Shoeibi at Branch 6 and was sent to Branch one of the revolutionary court. Davood Mihandoost court hearing was held by Judge Chabok at Branch one of the revolutionary court of Ourmiyeh and the verdict was officially notified to him in prison on May 30, 2017. The Mihandoost is now held in ward 13(the youth section) of the Ourmiyeh prison.

The source added This is the first time that the court in Orumiyeh sentenced Sunni prisoners to death.

At least 30 Sunni Kurdish prisoners currently kept imprisoned in various wards of Orumiyeh Central Prison that they were accused of “being members of Salafi groups”. The average sentences of these prisoners are between 9 months to 15 years in prison.