Ayoub Asadi, the political prisoner in his seventh year of imprisonment in Kashmar, was supposed to be granted a furlough on a bail of 250 Million Iranian Tomans but Kashmar Prosecutor’s Office opposed to his sick leave. His mother had a heart attack after being informed about the opposition to her son’s leave and she is currently hospitalised in Hamedan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network has been informed that, during his visit from Kashmar Prison in the month of Ramadan, Ali Akbar Meidani (Kashmar’s prosecutor) has promised Ayoub Assadi to be granted a furlough in Eid al-Fitr while increasing the amount of his bail from 180 million Tomans to 250 million Tomans. Several days after this visit, the deputy head of the Kashmar Prosecutor’s Office sent a letter to the Kamyaran Prosecutor’s Office confirming that the concerned political prisoner could be granted a leave while increasing the amount of his bail.

The family, residing at one of Marivan’s villages, referred to Kamyaran Court and added 70 million Tomans to the bail amount as instructed but Kashmar prosecutor still refused to issue the furlough letter.

Having heard the news of her son’s deprivation of furlough, the mother of this political prisoner suffered a heart attack the day after Eid al-Fitr and she is still being hospitalised.

When Referring to the Intelligence Ministry in Kamyaran, the family were informed that this ministry had permitted the furlough but Kashmar’s Prosecutor’s Office may have denied the leave.

Last week, the prosecutor revisited Kashmar Prison and told Mr Asadi that the Kamyaran Intelligence Ministry had objected to his furlough request. Mr Asadi has vehemently expressed his concerns about the uncertain and unacceptable measures taken by Prosecutor’s Office and the Kamyaran Intelligence Office. Earlier on June 14, 2015, the prosecutor of Kashmar had agreed with a furlough on a bail of 180 million Tomans. However, he was still refused a leave even though his family had paid the required bail.

Ayoub Asadi, Kurdish citizen from Marivan, was arrested along with Mohammad Hossein Rezaei by IRGC agents in Boryer (Sarvabad) on 15 June 2011. They were both shot and wounded by IRGC agents while a farmer from the nearby village was killed too. On 8 February 2012, Asadi was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison and he was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment in exile at Kashmir on 15 September 2012 after three trials by branch 1 of the revolutionary court in Sanandaj chaired by Judge Babayi, for the vague charge of Moharebeh (enmity against God) through cooperation with Kurdish opposition groups. Asadi and his attorney appealed against the verdict and his case was sent to the Supreme Court appeal, but the decision regarding their appeal has not been determined yet.

On 17 April 2013, Asadi was summoned to Implementation of Imprisonment Sentences which enforced his direct exile from the central prison of Sanandaj to Kashmar where he suffered from asthma, lumbar disc disease and intestinal problems. He went on a hunger for 27 days last year to protest against the lack of medical care to his serious medical problems. After a few months, he was transferred to a hospital outside the prison for examination by optician and asthma specialists in September last year. However, due to the missing medical prescription regarding his eyesight, the prison medical team prescribed him non-medical glasses and he still suffers from eyesight problems.