Yesterday,The Rajaee Shahr prison authorities in Karaj confirmed the news about execution of Seyed Jamal Mousavi, the “Sunni Kurdish prisoner” from the city of Sanadaj while announcing that his body has been handed over to security forces.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Network, after several days of uncertainty about the fate of Seyyed Jamal Mousavi, authorities of Raja’i Shahr prison in Karaj called his family in Sanandaj and told them that their son had been executed on the morning of Wednesday, August 23.

“The prison authorities also told the family that the body of the dead prisoner had been handed over to the security forces due to the sensitivity of his case,” an informed source told KHRN.

According to this source, the authorities in Raja’i Shahr prison transferred Mousavi in leg-cuff and handcuffs to the solitary confinement on the pretext of sending him to the hospital on 16 August. He had already had a last short visit with his family in the presence of security forces while his hand and leg were bleeding due to being leg-cuffed and hand-cuffed.

“After the visit, the family returned to Sanandaj while his mother was crying due to being very upset. The family did not hear any news about the fate of their son until the morning of Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017, when Seyed Jamal was transferred back to his cell. After three hours, the prisoner was again transferred to solitary confinement cells and was finally executed under security controls on Wednesday afternoon and with the presence of plainclothes forces.

Seyed Jamal Seyed Mousavi was arrested in 2008 along with another citizen of Sanandaj, called Shoresh MahdiKhani and was detained in solitary confinement at the Sanandaj detention centre for membership in a Salafist group for about one year.

The Kurdish prisoner was sentenced to death along with Shoresh Mahdi later during a trial at the “Branch of a Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj” headed by “Judge Baba’i” on charges of ““Moharebeh (enmity against God) through cooperation with Salafi groups. After the verdict was finalised in Branch 4 of the Sanandaj Appeal Court, Shoresh Mahdi was executed on August 8, 2008.

This religious prisoner had been transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison about 14 months ago due to unknown reasons. He was suffering from asthma and was deprived of medical treatment due to the security of the case over the past years.