Sharif Bajaur, an environmentalist from Merivan, began to ride a bike from Mariwan to Tehran to promote his message in support of “Kolbars and Reza Shahabi, a political prisoner in hunger strike”.

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on Monday, September 11, the concerned environmental activist has published a message about this symbolic move and goals.

In his message, he believes that non-violence is a suitable platform for any society to build its future, and building a constructive civil society which provides a lasting order and a smooth path for its community to meet its desires.

According to this environmentalist, the main objectives of his symbolic movement are as follows:

1- Defending the situation of the Kolbars in Kurdistan and protesting to their killing and preventing the repetition of these killings.

2- Supporting a civil rights activist known as Reza Shahabi and voicing his concerns, as well as the appreciation of Athena Daemi’s campaign against human slaughter and violence.

3- Supporting the victims of violence in Myanmar and condemning this crime against human beings.

4. Inviting the community to engage in civil activities on a common day called “Day of Kindness”) on the last Thursday of each week in order to try for a healthy and happy society.