The court hearing for Afshin Hossein Panahi, a Kurdish activist detainee arrested 83 days ago, was held at the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj yesterday but there is still no news about the fate of his brother, Ramin Hussein Panahi.

Ramin Hosein-panahi

Kurdistan Human Rights Network has been informed that on September 14, the court hearing for Afshin Hossein Panahi was held at the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj on charges of propaganda against the regime and supporting one of political parties while he did not have a lawyer.

According to a member of Hussein Panahi’s family, the intelligence agents have told the political prisoner’s mother that her sons were not entitled to have a lawyer.

Moreover, despite his family’s repeated follow-ups with the security and intelligence authorities, there is still no news about the fate of Ramin Hussein Panahi.

On Friday, June 22, Ramin Hussein Panahi, a political activist and member of the Komala Party, was wounded and arrested by the Revolutionary Guards. Later the IRGC forces raided his father’s house and arrested some of his family members.

Following the arrest of Ramin Hussein Panahi, his brother called Afshin Hussein Panahi was also arrested on the same day and then Anwar Hossein Panahi (their other brother) was arrested on June 25, 2017. Moreover, some of their relatives including Zubair, Ahmad, Abbas and Keywan Hussein Panahi were also arrested by security forces.

Afshin Hossein Panahi

Two days after being arrested and transferred to Tehran, security forces released Anwar Hossein Panahi on the condition that he would not return to Kurdistan. Moreover, Zubair, Ahmed and Keywan Hussein Panahi were temporarily released.

On 26 and 27 of August, Abbas Hossein Panahi was temporarily released on bail of 150 million Tomans, and Afshin Hussein Panahi was taken to the Central Prison of Sanandaj from the Detention Centre of Sanandaj.

Recently, in a letter addressed to Mrs. Asmaa Jahangir (Human Rights Rapporteur of the United Nations) called explained the status of the detainees of Hussein Panahi’s family.

It is worth noting that Afshin Hussein Panahi, who has a background in cooperation with environmental NGO’s, has previously spent a year in jail while the suspicious death of his brother (Ashraf Hussein Panahi) on charges of “propaganda against the regime was investigated.