Four prisoners with sentences of one-two years in prison in Ward 1-2 Orumiyeh Prison were severely tortured by prison guards. They were transferred to solitary confinement a few days ago due to a conflict in the prison and committed suicide.

Confirming the news, an informed source in Orumiyeh told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network that “Tohid Ghaznavi, Babak Sufi, Hojjat Delaram, Milad (unknown family) were transferred to solitary confinement a few days ago after the conflict in the ward. They have committed suicide in protest to their continued detention in harsh solitary confinement yesterday.”

According to this source, when the prison guards were informed and attended the scene, they severely beat these 4 prisoners. Moreover, on the orders of the prison authorities, the guards went to the cells of these four prisoners and severely beat them with batons on October 20 for the second time.

The source reported that the four prisoners were bleeding due to being beaten in quarantine cell while adding that: “they are still kept in solitary confinement.”