Prisoners Mikaeil Moeini and Azad Saeidi continue the hunger strikes they started due to the disregard of the Bukan Prison authorities to their demands.

Reportedly, Moeini’s health condition is worrying on the 26th day of his hunger strike.

Sources have told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that Moeini, who had gone on hunger strike on 16 May in protest against the increase in the amount of bail for his temporary release, has suffered a severe drop in blood pressure and weight loss.

The prisoner has been taken to the prison infirmary several times in the past few days by his cellmates, but despite the insistence of the prison medical staff, he has refused to receive the serum and has been returned to the ward.

The prisoner had been sentenced to five years in prison over drug offenses and has been serving his sentence in Bukan Prison for 28 months.

He had previously gone on a hunger strike for eight days in April this year, ending his strike with the favourable promise of prison officials.

Meanwhile, Azad Saeidi has been on a hunger strike since 2 June, protesting against the suspension of his temporary leave by the order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bukan. The order has been issued despite the fact that the prisoner had been sent on leave 14 times before.

He was arrested about seven years ago on drug charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.