Detained Kurdish civilians named Jalal Amini, Hossein Ahmadi and Kazem Mam-Esmaeil were transferred from a security detention centre in Orumiyeh to Bukan prison after their interrogation ended on 25 August.

In addition, on 27 August, another detained civilian named Yousef Mam-Ghaderi was taken to the same prison from the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in Orumiyeh.

The Bukan court has issued a bail of one billion Iranian Tomans – nearly 31,250 USD – for releasing Amini, Ahmadi and Mam-Esmaeil.

The intelligence ministry arrested Mam-Ghaderi on 26 June and took him to the detention centre of the ministry in Orumiyeh for interrogation.

Amini, who comes from Bukan, was arrested by security forces on 15 August on the Mirava road of Bukan and was taken to a security detention centre in Orumiyeh.

Ahmadi was also arrested by security forces on 20 August at his workplace in Mirava, Bukan.

On 21 August, the security forces raided civilian Aboubakr Mam-Esmaeil’s house in the Qezeljeh village of Mahabad. They searched the house, confiscated some of his family’s belongings and arrested him with his two sons Kazem and Kamil.

The father and his son Kamil were released after a few hours, but Kazem Mam-Esmaeil was transferred to a security detention centre in Orumiyeh.

No information has been obtained about the charges brought against these civilians.