A reliable source in the Kurdish region has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that Piranshahr border guards had detained 12 Kurdish civilians from the Kurdistan province in Iraq and detained more than 400 sheep owned by these detainees.

According to the source, yesterday at 03:00 am, a group of border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran based in the border areas of the “Tamrchin” disregarded the international law by entering the territory of Kurdistan near the village of “Allaneh” and fired at a Shepherd while seizing his flock of more than 400 sheep upon his escape.

“After this incident, a number of people from the village “Allaneh” were arrested at the Iranian border guard station where they had gathered in an attempt to negotiate the release of the sheep flock. The arrested people were released 6 hours later but the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) called on the representatives of the Kurdish people in the above-mentioned region to sign an undertaking in the presence of the governorate of Piranshahr tomorrow and undertake that the inhabitants of the area and their livestock should remain three kilometres away from the border in exchange for the return of the seized flock of sheep.”, the source added.

During the past month, more than 600 hectares of pasture and lands in the “Sidkan” border region of the Kurdistan Region have been burnt by IRGC forces due to bombardment of the border areas and a number of villages have abandoned the area in fear of their life.