A Jeep vehicle was targeted by security forces near the village of Chavargah, Mahabad county, West Azerbaijan province, as a result of which all the four passengers of the car were killed, Sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to reports, on the evening of Tuesday, September 16th, special forces of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Hamzeh base of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) targeted a vehicle with an RPG on the Mahabad-Sardasht road near the village of Chavargah, causing the vehicle to explode.

It is said that this car belonged to a civilian ‘Khezr Bayazidi’ from the village of Barejo, one of the functions of the Khalifa of Mahabad county, West Azerbaijan province. The identity of the other three passengers has not been released yet. 

After not having any information about the incident’s details, the family of Khezr Bayazidi referred to the Mahabad Intelligence Office where they were informed that the bodies of the afore-mentioned four passengers could not be identified due to severe burns. It is said that this area has been surrounded by IRGC forces since last week and any movement in this area is prohibited.