A local human rights source in the Rwansar area told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that “Iranian police went to a coffee shop in the city of Rawansar in order to shut down the shop on 24 January. But after a dispute with the shop’s young Kurdish owner the police shot him in the head at point blank range and executed him”.

The source said: “The victim was transferred to a hospital in the city of Kermanshah. Witnesses say the victim died immediately at the scene but the police claim he died the next day on 25 January because they fear protests by the people.”

Th source said that “family relatives of the victim gathered outside the hospital and governor’s building to protest against the execution.”

The source added: “The family buried body of the victim on Tuesday 26 January in his home village after the body had been returned and public atmosphere was tense in Rawansar because the security forces still fear public protests.”