Iranian security forces arrested another Kurdish Labour activist in Sanandaj yesterday and transferred him to the Intelligence Detention Centre of this city.

Reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) indicate that On Friday, Sept 29, 2017, Sanandaj security forces entered Foad Zandi’s home by breaking the door, arrested and transferred him to the Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj while confiscating some of his personal belongings.

So far, authorities have not commented on why this Labour activist has been detained.

This Labour activist was also previously arrested along with his brother “Aram Zandi” by security forces in Sanandaj on Apr 14, 2015, on the eve of May 1st, and later on May 30. He was released on bail of 100 million Toman from the central prison of Sanandaj. The two Labour activists were later charged by “Judge Saeedi” at the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj (branch 1) on charges of “acting against national security”, “propaganda against the regime” and “membership in the coordination committee for the formation of Labour organisations”, and sentenced to four months of Imprisonment each.

Also, according to reports, there is still no information on the fate of Muzaffar Saleh Nia, another Kurdish labour activist and a member of the board of directors of the Free Trade Union of Iran Workers who arrested by security forces in his house on Monday, Sept 25, 2017.