A student from Mariwan went on hunger strike when she found out the final result of her Iranian University Entrance Examination, also known as Konkur, announced on Saturday. She was taken to Fajr hospital in Marivan on Monday, September 18, due to her critical health condition but she was discharged from the hospital after several hours.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, Glavizh Arzhangi, a student from one of the good public high schools in Marivan, found out that she had been admitted to her 28th Selection (Accounting) at Farhangian University of Bent-Al-Hoda in Sanandaj despite obtaining rank 345 in the University Entrance Examination. The afore-mentioned student, who had successfully completed the interview process required by the concerned university, went on hunger strike in protest to such a disappointing result which clearly indicates the discriminatory criteria used for selecting the appropriate course for the students.

Glavizh’s father explained that her daughter had protested to the results because other applicants with lower ranks were admitted to their higher selections at the University of Farhangian while Glavizh was not admitted to her favourite selection.