Iranian authorities have rejected the application of a Kurdish woman political prisoner to leave her prison for a family visit and medical treatment, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Oroumiyeh(Urmie)’s Attorney General and the Intelligence Office turned down political prisoner Ghadriyeh Ghadery’s application for leave for the second time allegedly for security reasons in the past few days, the sources said.

Ghadery is serving time at Yasouj and has just heard about her father’s death.

Her father passed away several months ago after he spent several months in a hospital in Orumiyeh (Urmie).

Ghadery’s relatives had not told her anything about her father’s death but she eventually found out two weeks ago and immediately applied for leave.

She had enclosed her father’s death certificate as well as her own medical notes and papers with her application, but when Yasouj prison authorities informed Orumiyeh General Attorney about the application, they received a letter saying the Intelligence Office and the Attorney General of Orumiyeh (Urmie) did not want to grant Ghadery’s request for leave and that this decision was made on security grounds.

Ghadery is a Kurdish political prisoner who was arrested in June 2011 in the city of Orumiyeh (Urmie).

The intelligence forces of Orumiyeh severely tortured her for two months.

The torture was so harsh she was later unable to eat or drink for two weeks after she was transferred to the Orumiyeh prison, KHRN sources said.

The Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court sentenced her to 10 years in prison on charges of “cooperation with Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK]”.

However, the Court of Appeal reduced the sentence to seven years in prison.