Mahsa (Zhina) Amini died on 16 September after she was hospitalized following her arrest and torture by morality police in Tehran. 

She passed away at the intensive care unit of Kasra Hospital in Tehran. 

She was arrested on 13 September for having worn the hijab “inappropriately” and was beaten by the morality police on the way to a detention facility. 

Her family members and civilians gathered outside the hospital after the news of her death to pay their respect and protest. Security forces attacked the gathering and arrested several people. 

A close family relative of Amini told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that her body was transferred to the Department of Forensic Medicine under the pretext of performing an autopsy. Her body has not yet been returned to her family for burial.

The source said that the family were exposed to intense pressure and threats from security agencies because they had contacted international media and rights organisations.

“Kasra hospital is under strict security measures and no definite answer has been given about the time the body would be handed to the family,” Amini’s family relative told KHRN. 

Rejecting the claims of the Tehran police and a video released by Iran’s state media suggesting Amini had lost her life in Tehran’s Vozara detention centre, the source said: “She was beaten inside a morality police van when she was arrested. And given that she did not have a history of [life-threatening] illnesses, the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for her death. Despite all the pressure and threats, her family will not remain silent until the case is clarified and the perpetrators of their child’s murder are brought to justice.”

Amini was arrested as she left the Haghani subway in Tehran with her brother.

She was beaten by the officers inside the police van that took her to the Vozara detention centre.

She was taken to Kasra hospital in an unconscious state two hours after her detention.