KHRN documents violations of human rights in Iran’s Kurdistan region and we are preparing a documentary report on Iranian security forces’ slaying of Kurdish civilian protesters in the city of Maku (also spelt as Mako or Makoo) in the Kurdistan Region of Iran on Wednesday 15 February 2006, and we need to gather more information and evidences from the civilians involved in the event as well as victims and families of the victims of the crackdown.

On 15 February 2006 to mark the seventh anniversary of the arrest of Kurdish political leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish government, a group of Kurdish civilians who had come from tMaku, Yolagaldy and Shoot areas held a peaceful protest to condemn the imprisonment of Ocalan in Turkey.

But the Iranian security forces violently attacked the peaceful protesters killing 10 civilians and wounding a number of protesters before detaining them.

According to the news published by Kurdish activists, seven of the victims have so far been identified as follows:

1- Ali Karimzadeh Omar
2- Mohamad Niroo
3- Bahram ( family unknown )
4- Borhan Hossein, was a resident of the Shatery village near Maku
5- Adel Makooi from the village of Jangeh
6- Bayram Arsen
7- Yousef Kashi son of Ismael

KHRN appeals for eye witnesses and families of the victims to come forward and contact us with testimonies and evidences to document the crime the Iranian state security forces committed against the unarmed peaceful Kurdish protesters on that day in Maku.

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