Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has begun producing a Week in brief item to deliver the most important human rights news of the week from and about Iran’s Kurdish areas in a concise format spread in various forms including on the website.

The following is a copy of KHRN’s first Week in brief:

Iran executes Kurdish Sunni prisoner in Karaj

Iranian authorities executed a Kurdish Sunni prisoner from the city of Sanadaj in Rajai Shahr prison of Karaj on 23 August.

Seyed Jamal Mousavi was arrested with another citizen from Sanandaj in 2008 over membership in a Salafist group.

The prison authorities told his family that due to the “sensitivity of the case” his body has been handed over to security forces, a reliable source told KHRN.

Judge Baba’i of a Sanandaj Revolutionary Court sentenced him to death on charges of Moharebeh (enmity against God).

Mousavi was taken to a solitary confinement on the pretext of sending him to a hospital on 16 August.

He suffered from asthma, and was deprived of medical treatment over the past three years “over the sensitivity of the case”.

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Iranian security forces shoot dead juvenile Kolbar worker

Iranian border guards have shot dead a Kurdish juvenile Kolbar worker in the Maku area.

The border guards shot 17-year- old Vahid Dolatkhah Jankanloo in a village in Maku on 21 August.

The armed forces seized what he had to transfer on his back for his Kolber work and they left the area after the incident.

Jankanloo died from his wounds hours after he was taken to an emergency hospital, a source told KHRN.

The source added that his body is yet to be returned to his family.

A court official has also offended his immediate family members who went to the court to file a complaint.

The security forces killed another teenage Kolbar worker Borhan Alam Holo on 3 July 2016.

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Body of woman murdered in honour killing found in Saqiz

The body of a woman said killed by her brother in an “honour killing” act has been found in the village of Bobatkan in the Saqiz area and locals say the woman was murdered a few weeks ago.

The killed woman has been identified as 45-year-old Korteh, (surname unobtainable), who was a resident of the village.

Her brother, who is said to be a Mamusta (mullah), had severely tortured her before he finally killed her, local sources said.

Murder is punishable by life imprisonment or execution in Iran but there is no minimum charge for “honour”-related crimes in Iranian penal codes.

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Iran’s intelligence ministry illegally questions Kurdish activist

The news office of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry in Kermanshah has repeatedly threatened Kurdish civil society activist Farzaneh Jalali to force her to cooperate with the intelligence agencies.

Jalali, a Tehran university graduate, was arrested and later integrated for over two weeks and released from prison March this year.

The intelligence ministry has since questioned her four times, on 7 and 8 June and on 10 and 2 August, threatening to punish her with a heavy sentence if she refuses to cooperate with the ministry’s requests.

Her lawyer Mostafa Ahmadian said that she was summoned questioned over the telephone although the law clearly prohibits questioning individuals in this manner.

“My client is also under pressure from other sources which I am not legally allowed to disclose,” he told KHRN.

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