Around 5,000 Kurds protest in Iran’s Kurdish Baneh

Some 5,000 Kurdish protesters took to the streets of Iran’s Kurdish cities to protest the recent killing of two civilian unarmed Kurdish Kolbar (porter) workers.

Iranian security forces cracked down on the protests, wounding at least four demonstrators, local sources told KHRN.

The protesters said they wanted justice for the slain Kolbar workers and raised the demand for the Baneh governor to resign.

The protests have since spread across key Iranian Kurdish cities and towns, including in Sanandaj, the provincial capital of Iran’s Kurdistan Province.

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Iran’s Kurdish Baneh protest reaches Sanandaj

Hundreds of Kurdish protesters rallied in the city of Sanandaj to condemn the killing of two Kurdish  Kolbar workers.

Riot police were deployed in the streets and squares of Baneh and Sanadaj cities

Iranian police attacked the protesters arresting around 20 in Baneh and five in Sanadaj.

Civil society activists from Sanandaj and Marivan cities reported that thousands of officers in military uniform and undercover in civilian clothes have since been deployed in the Kurdish cities.

Police summoned, interrogated and threatened admins of Telegram apps channels for having spread news of the Kurdish protests.

Internet connection has been interrupted in the two cities and poor connection has been reported in the other Kurdish areas to prevent the protests sweeping the country’s Kurdish populated areas.

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Iranian riot police open fire on Kurdish protesters

Iranian anti-riot forces attacked Baneh protest wounding five and detaining four other protesters.

“[Police] forces threw stones and fired tear gas [canisters] at the protesters… [They] beat a number of them [the protesters] using batons, [which] resulted in in injuring at least five protesters by bullets”, a protester told KHRN.

“Baneh border guards surrounded all streets leading to the governor’s building and shot at the protesters sing Kalashnikov [rifles],” the protester said.

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Iran forces transfer Kurdish prisoners to Orumiyeh prison

Two Kurdish prisoners detained over alleged links to an outlawed Kurdish party have been taken from the city of Shno (also known in Farsi as Oshnavieh) to a detention facility of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the city of Orumiyeh.

Iran’s intelligence agents in Shno arrested the two Kurds, Kamran Musazadeh and Fakhredin Erassi, on 23 August.

They have been taken to ward 3 and 4 of Orumiyeh Central Prison, which is for inmates who had committed “ordinary crimes,” according to information KHRN has obtained.

At least ten Kurdish civilians have been arrested in this area in the past month alone on suspicions of having “cooperated” with an outlawed Kurdish political party.

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