Iran executes a man publicly in Ilam for murder

Iranian authorities publicly executed a prisoner on murder charges at the Modarres street in the morning of 17 September in the city of Ilam,

The prisoner was sentenced to death last December for having killed a woman.

He was executed on Qisas law at the request of the victim’s family.

This was the second public execution in Ilam in the past ten days.

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Three prisoners executed in Tabriz

Three prisoners have been executed for murder charges in Tabriz Central Prison on 18 September.

The executed were Youssef Ebrahimi from Heshtroud of Sanandaj, Asad Zadeh from Azar Shahr and Ahad Pour Taghi from Tabriz.

Ebrahimi was in prison for over 30 years for murder of an agent if the Islamic Revolution Committee in his village of Heshtroud.

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Two prisoners hanged on drug charges in Qazvin

Iran hanged two prisoners on drug-related charges at Choubidar Prison of the city of Qazvin on 20 September.

The prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement cells in Qazvin Prison a day before their execution.

one of the executed was 53-year-old Tayeb Haji Zadeh, who had served five years in prison.

The other executed prisoner Mojtaba Rahmati, was imprisoned for three years for smuggling and possession of narcotics before he was hanged.

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Iran forces arrest two Kurdish civilians in Dehgolan

Iranian security gunmen have jailed two Kurdish civilians Yadi Shakeri and Azad Naderi at an unknown location.

The two were detained at their homes in a raid in the Dehgolan area of Kordestan Province.

A KHRN source said the Iranian authorities have so far so refused to give any information on where and why the two were being detained.

“The authorities have still not commented about the fate of the detainees or [explain] the reasons for their detention despite their families constantly making enquiries”, the KHRN source said.

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Iran border guards continue deadly attacks on Kurdish Kolbars

The Iranian armed forces have continued their attacks on unarmed civilian Kurdish Kolbar (porter) workers after several widespread Kurdish protests against such an unlawful act by the security forces.

An eyewitness said Iranian government forces fired artillery shells and seriously injured Kurdish Kolbar worker Farzad Ghaderi.

The injured Kolber worker was immediately taken to a medical centre in Kermanshah to receive medical care for his wounds, the witness said.

Meanwhile, government troops targeted a group of Kolbar workers in the Ghalatgah Hill area and killed a Kurdish Kolbar worker Sulaiman Ghaderi .

The slain Kolbar worker was married and had 2 children.

Sources said he was initially injured and died of his wounds at a hospital in Shno (Oshnavieh).

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