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August 17, 2023

Security forces arrest six Kurdish activists in Mahabad, Oshnavieh

Security forces arrested Kurdish civilians Hiva Shabahang, Ayoub Mirzaei, Shirvan Khezri, Hedayat Khasteh, Sherko Nasiri, and Ashkan Rasouli in the cities of Oshnavieh and Mahabad in West Azerbaijan Province in recent days. Early morning raids on 16 August targeted the homes of three civilians from the village of Gog Tapeh in Mahabad – Hedayat Khasteh, Sherko Nasiri, and Ashkan Rasouli. The arrests were made without...

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July 31, 2022

Iran: Prisoner executed over murder-related charges in Kermanshah

A prisoner named Ayoub Mirzaei was executed in Dizel Abad Prison of Kermanshah, western Iran, on 30 July. The prisoner was arrested about two years ago on the charge of "premeditated murder" and was sentenced to "retribution in kind" (qisas). Mirzaei, 29, was from the Sarab village of Sar Firouzabad district of Kermanshah.

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