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January 18, 2023

Iran: Prisoner executed over murder-related charges in Ilam

The death sentence of prisoner Ghodrat Zibarom was executed today at Ilam Central Prison in western Iran. The prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement on 16 January for execution. Zibarom, 30, who comes from Ilam, was arrested about three years ago on charges of "premeditated murder" and was sentenced to death under "retribution-in-kind" (qisas). Qisas is a law based on the principle of "eye for an eye"...

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February 12, 2022

Iran: Prisoner denied access to medical care loses his life in Ilam

A prisoner named Ebrahim Jowhari lost his life due to being denied access to medical services in Ilam Central Prison on 11 February. Jowhari, 55-years-old from Iran's western province of Ilam, was transferred to the prison infirmary due to his deteriorating health at 02:00 local time on 11 February. Despite his health issues, medical officials refused to send him to the hospital and returned him to...

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January 26, 2022

Prisoner goes on hunger strike in Iran’s western Ilam

A prisoner sentenced to the death penalty has gone on a hunger strike in Ilam Central Prison in Iran's western Ilam province on 25 January. Prisoner Kamal Bayani has gone on strike to protest against the insults of prison officers and head inspector towards him and his family during a family visit on 24 January. Reportedly, after Bayani objected to the insults of prison officers towards...

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