The prosecutor office of Iran’s Takestan once again summoned Yarsani activist Siavash Koliayee to the office on 21 October on the request of the intelligence agency that tries to prosecute the activist in a new case, a source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“The authorities at the prosecutor office told Koliayee that the intelligence office of Ghazvin had recorded his telephone conversations and delivered them to the prosecutor office and demanded his prosecution. Koliayee asked about the contents of the alleged recorded conversations and the complainants made against him, but the prosecutor had replied saying that they had no time to communicate with the person to know if he would or not complain again him once again.”

This source added: “after several hours of waiting in the office, the prosecutor finally said they cannot currently examine his case and asked him to return to the office next week. Last month this activist was exonerated from charges of disturbing public order, but the intelligence agency is trying to once again persecute him [in a new case].”

Koliayee, a Yarsan activist from the city of Takestan in the province of Ghazvin in Iran, was arrested for several hours by the country’s security police of Ghazvin in the village of Gharadash near Takestan on 10 August, for having participated in a memorial ceremony that marked the third anniversary of the death of Mohammad Ghanbari, who was Yarsani adherent.

But Koliayee was exonerated from the “disturbing public order” charge that was brought against him at the time.