Iranian authorities have arrested almost dozens Kurdish citizens in different cities in accusation of membership in Salafi groups following Tehran attacks on 7 June 2017, that killed 17 people.

According to information obtained by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), in the past few days, the intelligence forces arrested a number of family members of attackers and Kurdish civilians, in accusation of collaborating with extremist religious groups in different cities such as Ravansar, Paveh, Javanrood, Nowsood, Bookan, Mahabad,Tekab, Sanandaj and Sardasht.

A team from the Ministry of intelligence in Tehran is responsible for the arrests of people connected with the terrorist attacks and the mass arrests from Tehran to Kermanshah, Ourmiyeh and Sanandaj is under the supervision of this team. Security forces after the attack summoned the family of five attackers and after DNA test (Identification test) arrested two members of their families.

In the past few days, three women have been arrested. According to the reports, “The security forces arrested Farideh Bahrami, 32-year-old” From the city of Shahu on June 11, 2017. They also raided houses of several Kurdish citizens in Kani Koozle and Abbas Abbad Quarters in Sanandaj on June 12, 2017 and arrested Soheila Zandi and Nasrin Parshangi.

An local source from Saqqez told Human Rights Network Kurdistan: “ On Thuesday, June 13, in an armed conflict between military and security forces with people in Tazehabad quarter of Saqez several people arrested and transferred to an unknown location”.

The names of some of these detainees are:

• Farideh Bahrami, From City of Shahu

• Nasrin Parshangi and Soheila Zandi from Sanandaj

• Two brothers named Farooq (Farman) and Borhan Mozaffari (son of Rahman) from the village of Kharajian city functions of Rawansar.

• Two brothers named Naman and Bina Azeri (son of Mahmoud) residents of Nowsoud city functions of Paveh. (Bina Azeri released after a few hours of detention.)

• Yasser Valad Beygi, from Rawansar who served some time in prison earlier on charges of “membership in Salafi groups”.

• Bahman Gholami from Ravansar

• Alireza Atabak from Shooshme city functions of Paveh

• Ahmad Sadeghi, Seryas Sadeghi brother (one of the individuals who blew himself up in the attacks) from Dzavar city functions of Paveh.

• Yaser Hassanzadeh (son of Molood) from Paveh

• Yoused Bahrami (son of Amin) from Paveh

• Mahvan Ahmadi from Paveh

• Three civilians resident of Sardasht named Avareh, Salah and Abdolghader.

Many detainees’ names have not been released due to the sensitivity of the matter, the special security and police atmosphere in Kurdistan and also the sources and families were threatened not to publish the names of the detainees.