Zeynab Jalalian, The Kurdish political prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, published an open letter to the public in which he explained her deprivation of medical and treatment facilities.

In her letter, the Kurdish political prisoner describes how she has repeatedly been challenged by prison authorities for several years in addition to being deprived of medical treatment by the order of authorities who fabricated a medical case and published fake documents in the state media regarding her transfer to health centres.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN) has been informed that, despite the health officials’ insistence on Zeinab’s transfer to a dental centre outside the prison, Khoy prosecutors and the intelligence authorities have refused to comply with this request.

Moreover, she has threatened to adopt other forms of protest against her situation if no measures are taken to let her visit a dentist.

It is worth noting that Zeynab Jalalian has gone on medicinal strike since February for an unlimited period of time in protest to the deceitful actions of Khoy prison authorities including recording completely inaccurate weekly and monthly health reports in her health check-book as well as providing a false report regarding her access to frequent regular medical examinations for the international and human rights institutions. She has since stopped using any kind of home remedy to improve her condition and her health condition has worsened since then.

Zeynab Jalalian published an open letter to the public in which he explained her deprivation of medical and treatment facilities. This letter, a copy which was sent to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), states:

“Greetings to those of you who are fighting for the right

I’m writing this letter to those who value the rights of others and strive for defending these rights.

I have spent the past eleven years at the Islamic Republic’s prisons. Despite all my illnesses, I have not requested medical treatment from this regime.

At first, I started having trouble with my eyes and then my kidneys and my lungs were infected. I also suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) and Oral Canadianism (oral thrush). Eventually, my teeth were damaged and I had to endure a lot of pain. Even though I have been asking to see a dentist for three months, the prison authorities have not taken any action. As a Political Prisoner, I am deprived of all my rights. I have always tried to cope with my suffering, just like a mother who calms down her crying baby with her lullabies.

This system is a hypocrite lying regime. I have never been allowed to see a doctor but the authorities have made a medical case for me and published fake documents in the media mentioning that I, Zeynab Jalalian, have been allowed to see a doctor. This is a sheer lie. This system is not familiar with humanity. Worst of all, the authorities have used pictures of me taken in 2008 to mislead human rights organisations and public opinion.

Wasn’t torturing and keeping me in an individual cell for all these years and depriving me of the right to family visits and telephone calls enough?”

Is one condemned to die or rot in prison due to disagreeing with the regime? This black logic is the denial of nature. So what happens to all the different colours and variations in the nature? Should one die for the sin of thinking differently from the blood-thirsty authorities of the regime?

Do you hear the voice of my liberation behind bars? Let me relieve your imagination; A free man uses one’s mind (and not one’s body) when fighting for freedom, So I do not feel pity that my body is secluded in the prison. Thankfully, a liberal mind can never be captured.

For me, even death and pain in the way of freedom is sweet. In fact, the authorities are their own best enemy and their efforts are futile and condemned to failure.

No one and nothing is strong enough to prevent me from achieving my goals. I am stronger than all and I will continue to be stronger than ever.


Zeynab Jalalian

June, 2018

Khoy prison