A group of women gathered today in front of the justice building in Marivan, Kurdistan province, protesting against a lack of security for women in the city.

Holding placards regarding the increase in violence against women, the demonstrators demanded security for women.

In the past few days, a man, knowing that a woman in the neighbourhood was alone at home, tried to attack her by breaking into her house. The woman threw herself down from the window of a two-story building, and her health condition was reported to be critical.

The Prosecutor of Marivan, Zahed Karimi said: “A person identified as G. G. who is one of the thugs and mobs of Marivan, attempted to attack a civilian in Marivan. Unfortunately, the said woman fell down from the second floor of a building and is currently being treated in the hospital.”

The prosecutor also denied the news about the release of the arrested person.