A civilian by the name of Abdolsalam Ghader Galvani, who was shot by Iranian armed forces during the public protests held against the government killing of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, has died due to the severity of his injuries at Khomeini Hospital in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province.

The civilian was taken to a hospital in Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan province, after the armed forces opened fire on a group of protestors in the city on 21 September.

However, he was transferred to Khomeini Hospital in Orumiyeh due to the severity of his injuries.

He passed away after being hospitalised in the special care unit for four days.

The burial ceremony of the protestor was held today in Oshnavieh under tight security measures.

With the death of Ghader Galvan, the number of civilians killed by the government armed forces on the night of 21 September in Oshnavieh reached four.

Investigations conducted by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) indicate that the anti-riot and paramilitary Basij forces killed at least 18 civilians in the recent protests in Orumiyeh, Oshnavieh, Piranshahr, Divandarreh, Saqqez, Dehgolan, Eslamabad-e Gharb and Ilam.

The identities of these civilians are Farjad Darvishi, Mohsen Mohammadi, Fereydoun Mahmoudi, Reza Lotfi, Zakariya Khiyal, Foad Ghadimi, Minou Majidi, Danesh Rahnema, Sadraddin Litani, Milan Haghighati, Amin Marefat, Abdollah Mahmudpour, Mohsen Gheysari, Saeid Mohammadi, Amir Fouladi, Iman Mohammadi, Reza Shahparnia and Abdolsalam Ghader Galvani.

These included four minors; Marefat, Mahmudpour, Khiyal and Fouladi were 15-16 years old teenagers.

So far, the bodies of 13 of the killed civilians have been handed over to their families.