The first anniversary of the killing of Minoo Majidi, Reza Shahparnia, Farjad Darvishi, Mohsen Mohammadi and Zakaria Khiyal by the government was disrupted as security and military forces maintained a significant presence in Kermanshah, Orumiyeh, Divandarreh and Piranshahr on 20 September.

These civilians were killed by gunfire from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military-security forces during anti-government protests on 20 September 2022.

Security and military forces have been deployed extensively in places where the families of the deceased had planned commemorations, obstructing the holding of memorial events and preventing people from attending.

The security services have also made threatening phone calls to the families of the deceased in recent days, pressuring them to refrain from organising commemorations at the gravesites of their loved ones or in their family homes.

As a result of this security pressure, the families of Reza Shahparnia and Mohsen Mohammadi announced the cancellation of their planned commemorations, posting the news on their personal Instagram accounts.