Four civilians, including Solmaz Hassanzadeh, the sister of Mohammad Hassanzadeh, one of the victims of last year’s anti-government protests in Bukan, West Azerbaijan Province, were arrested without a warrant by security forces at the entrance to Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, on 27 September.

The names of the other three women detained while entering Saqqez are Sheyda Rezaei, Shirin Khayyat and Simin Khayyat, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

The circumstances surrounding their arrest remain unclear, and their current whereabouts have not been disclosed.

In a separate incident, security forces reportedly raided and searched the family home of Solmaz Hassanzadeh in Bukan following her arrest.

Hassanzadeh and her father Ahmad Hassanzadeh were previously detained on 5 September after being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence in Bukan.