Following the arrest of civilians in various cities of Kurdistan, four other civilians from Piranshahr were arrested by security forces on the charge of cooperating with Kurdish opposition parties over the past two weeks.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that two civilians, Mosaa Esmaili and Adel Ghaderi, from Pasveh village of Piranshahr were detained by security forces of Piranshahr and transferred to an unknown location on Thursday January 17 and 23.

Moreover, two other civilians from Lajan section of the Piranshahr, Yousef Rasuli and Rezgar Mohammadi, were arrested on January 25 and 28 respectively by security forces in the city of Piranshahr and transferred to an unknown location.

In response to the follow-ups of the families of these detained civilians from the Intelligence Office of Piranshahr, the interrogators have informed them that these detainees had been collaborating with Kurdish opposition parties.

According to the data collected by KHRN, more than 100 Kurdish civilians have been summoned or arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) at various cities of Kurdistan since early autumn.