Since the beginning of the protests against the murder of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, at least 36 civilians and civil rights activists were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in Paveh, Kermanshah province.

Of these 36 people, 12 still remain in the custody of security institutions and 24 have been released after signing an undertaking not to participate in the protests.

The names of those still in detention are Javad Mowloudi, Kamran Karimi, Loghman Kiyani, Akar Salimi, Vahid Ansari, Peshawa Rahbari, Shayan Fathi, Mohammad Fathi, Mahan Fathi, Ramin Ahmadi, Parsa Hosseini, Akar Salimi are still in the custody of security institutions.

Sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the majority of the detainees were arrested in the early morning of 21 September after the security forces raided their homes.

These civilians were taken to the detention centres of the intelligence ministry in Paveh.

Reportedly, the officers in these detention centres severely tortured the arrested people, most of whom were between 15 and 20 years old, in order to obtain forced confessions.

The names of the released civilians are Galareh Moradi, Arvin Eghbali, Soren As’adi, Nima Naderi, Karo Hosseini, Anas Maghsoudi, Peyman Karimi, Rebwar Fatehi, Hazhar Sharifi, Ehsan Sadeghiani, Milad Gholami, Sina Naderi, Azhvan Sadeghi, Sirvan Ansari, Omran Ahmadi, Peyman Ahmadi, Milad Ansari, Soma Naghshbandi, Mosleh Sharifi, Kamyab Salehi, Mobin Shafiei, Anas Valadbeigi, Danesh Karimi and Fardin Mohammadi.