Iranian security forces arrested ten Kurdish civilians in Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan province, on 18 January, transferring them to an undisclosed location.

The names of the detained civilians are Mobin Hosseinzadeh, Fakhraddin Omidfar, Ghader Omidfar, Vafa Rasouli-Azar, Taha Rasoulian, Ahmad Abdollahpour, Shaho Abdollahpour, Mohsen Ghaderi, Sina Dashmir and Ghader Mohammadpour.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that dozens of security officers raided the family homes of these civilians simultaneously in the village of Gazgasak in Piranshahr and arrested them while searching their houses.

There is no information on the charges brought against these Kurdish civilians and their whereabouts.