“In the past few days, the branch two of Orumiyeh (also known as Urmiye) Revolutionary Court headed by judge Ali Sheikhlou sentenced a Kurdish political prisoner to five years in prison,” a reliable source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Afshin Asadzadeh, a Kurdish citizen from Orumiyeh, was arrested by the security forces at his home on 24 October 2016.He was detained at a detention centre of the security forces in Oroumiyeh for twenty days, during which he was tortured. He had been detain on charges of cooperation with a Kurdish opposition party,” the KHRN source said.

“Asadzadeh was later transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison to serve a temporary detention order. A special unit of the intelligence office had ordered he be placed at Ward 10, so he is jailed among drug-related offenders,” the source said, adding that “On November 2016, Asadzadeh was tried by the branch two of the Revolutionary Court headed by judge Ali Sheikhlou without the presence of his lawyer. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment.”

Asadzadeh was formally informed about his sentence a few days ago, according to KHRN sources.