Iranian police shot and killed a young Kurdish man named Mohammad Ahmadi Matin in Kermanshah, in the west, on 28 January.

“On Friday, 28 January, some police officers in Kermanshah’s Arya Shahr [neighbourhood] had an argument with Mohammad Ahmadi Matin while he was parking his car in Shohada Square in Kermanshah. Then, Matin and his mother, who was in the car, drove to their house in Sajjadieh neighbourhood, but police officers continued to follow the car”, a source in Kermanshah told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KRHN).

The source added: “After they stopped in front of their house, an argument broke out again between the young man and the police officers. One of the soldiers who was with the police officers shot the 22-year-old man. He was killed on the spot after two bullets hit his body.”

The source added that the soldier that opened fire on the young man had fled the scene and his superior officer was handed over to the police after the presence of the people.

On 1 February, Matin’s body was returned to his family at the department of forensic medicine in Kermanshah and was buried in Bagh-e Ferdows cemetery.

Matin was 22 years old and the father of one.