Iranian police opened fire on a civilian vehicle near Khorramabad in Lorestan province, on 31 July, killing two children identified as Mehdi Rashedimanesh and Matin Rashedimanesh.

The car belonging to a civilian named Rahman Rashedimanesh from the city of Marivan in the Kurdistan province was shot at for allegedly “carrying contraband goods”.

A relative of the family spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) and said: “The car of the civilian from Marivan was chased by two police patrol cars near the city of Khorramabad, and despite the fact that these forces were informed that the family members of the civilian were in the car, they opened fire.”

According to the source, the 12-year-old Mehdi Rashedimanesh was killed on the spot, and the 9-year-old Matin Rashedimanesh died a few hours later due to the severity of his injuries in a hospital in Khorramabad.

The source added that Rahman Rashedimanesh and his wife Homa (last name unknown) were arrested, but the mother of the two children was released after a few hours.