Civilian Daria Mikaeili, who was shot by Iranian police in the Koshtargah neighbourhood of Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province, died of his injuries at Khomeini Hospital in the city on 8 February.

“On 1 February, the car belonging to Daria Mikaeili, a civilian from Salmas and resident of Orumiyeh’s Koshtargah neighbourhood, was pursued by the police on the pretext of transporting contraband goods. The police shot at his car’s tires and stopped it. He initially tried to escape from them, but due to the continuous shooting, he surrendered to the forces”, said a relative of the civilian in an interview with the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“According to the testimony of dozens of other civilians who witnessed the incident closely, Daria Mikaeili raised his hands and stood up as a sign of surrender, but was severely beaten by the police. One of the officers, unbelievably, fired two bullets into the neck and a leg of the civilian using his gun. While he was bleeding severely, the officer put his foot on his neck”, said the relative.

The source added: “Daria Mikaeili died in hospital on 8 February, due to the severity of his injuries. The civilian’s family has filed a complaint against the police officers at the military court of Orumiyeh and said that these forces had executed their son.”

Mikaeili, 23, was a father of two and a resident of the Koshtargah neighbourhood of Orumiyeh.