Since late December, four kolbars have been wounded by direct shooting of Iranian frontier forces at the border areas of Sardasht and Khoy and a kolbar from Baneh has been drowned in the river while carrying cargo. 

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on Tuesday, December 25, a kolbar, Farshad Mirzai, from the village of Balsur Sofla, was wounded by direct shooting of border guards at the border area of Qatoori of Khoy. 

On Monday, December 24, the border guards at Sardasht also targeted a group of kolbars. This attack resulted in the injury of 3 kolbars including Sattar Khezri, 36, from Sardasht and two Kolbars from Saqqez, Ibrahim Mohammad Rahim, 40, and Atta Mohammadzadeh, 48. The two Kolbars from Saqqez were taken to the hospital in the city of Qaladzeh, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Moreover, on December 22, a Kolbar from Sardasht, Ali Mam Dashti was shot and wounded by border guards in Sardasht border. 

Meanwhile, KHRN has been informed that a Kolbar, Yasin Rahimi from the village of Bale San of Baneh has been drowned in the river of Zali Baneh while carrying cargo on Monday night, December 25. His body was found and transferred to a hospital in Baneh by the local people.