Two Kurdish Kolbar were wounded by landmine explosion in Hangeh Jale village of Baneh last night.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has received news that, when attempting to circumvent the border guards in Hangeh Jale of Baneh, a group of kolbars have mistakenly entered a minefield on Sunday night, January 27. This incident resulted in the injury of two kolbars, Asad Zamani, from the village of Haft Tash and Khalid (surname not revealed) from the village of Khafhreh Baneh.

As a result of the explosion, Asad Zamani lost one of his legs and Khalid suffered injuries in his face.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old Kolbar, Hadad Babajani, from the village of Gheshlag of Shaho was also wounded due to landmine explosion in the area of Marze Darreh of Herat in Novosud on Friday, January 18 and lost his right leg.