According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), five Kolbars have been injured in the border areas of Baneh, Maku, Salmas and Piranshahr for various reasons, such as the shooting of Iranian border troops, mine explosions and the falling from the heights during the past 10 days.

On January 29, a Kolbar, Sami Rashidi, was wounded due to falling from the heights in the Haravil Salmas border area. Moreover, Law enforcement forces targeted a vehicle belonging to a tradesman called Osman Klavuz near the village of Nirawan of Baneh on February 02. The Kolbar was wounded in this incident.

Meanwhile, a 47-year-old kolbar, Ghafour Hamza Aziz, lost a leg as the result of the explosion on February 03. He was taken to a hospital in Iraqi Kurdistan Region for treatment.

On the same day, another kolbar, Akbar Mohammadlu, was injured in the border region of Awajiq by shooting of Iranian border guards. Arman Fallah was shot and wounded by the forces of Baneh Border Guardsi near the village of Nanur.

It is worth mentioning that inflation and unemployment have led to people to turn into working as Kolbars in Kurdistan. In the absence of appropriate legal solutions, the use of violent government measures and passage through the tough and cold mountainous areas of Kurdistan have led to dangers for kolbars. As a result, many Kolbars are either victims of such situations themselves or witness other Kolbars suffering from the consequences of the aforementioned dangers.