Iranian border forces targeted a group of kolbars, killing one and injuring another in the border areas of Baneh, Kurdistan province, on 11 September.

Border guards in Hangeh-ye Zhal border area killed a 40 years old kolbar identified as Rizgar Mohammadzadeh.

Mohammadzadeh was the father of two and came from the village of Darvian-e Olya in Saqqez, Kurdistan province.

Also, in the evening hours, another kolbar from Saqqez named Saadi Karimi was wounded after being shot by border guards with a shotgun in the border areas of Baneh.

According to the statistics collected by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), Iranian border forces killed at least eight kolbars and injured 22 others in the border areas of Baneh in the past two months.

Also, three kolbars were severely injured due to the explosion of landmines while working as kolbars in the border areas of the city.

During a visit to Baneh border posts in August, the commander of Iran’s border forces Ahmad Ali Godarzi said: “Baneh borders from Haftash to Barvishkani will be closed in the next two months and we have ordered that no one should cross the border without permission of the border guards. If anyone violates the law, they will be treated harshly.”