Iranian border guards shot and injured two Kurdish civilians in the border areas of Sardasht, West Azerbaijan province, on 29 October.

Separately, the explosion of a landmine in the region on 28 October caused injury to another civilian.

Iranian border forces shot a shepherd named Azad in the leg and his wife Shler in the arm while grazing livestock close to a military outpost near the Iran-Iraq border.

The two were taken to a medical centre in Sardasht for treatment.

Azad and Shler come from the village of Dolato in Sardasht.

Also, a landmine explosion injured a shepherd named Zanyar near the border village of Zaleh.

The blast took place while Zanyar was grazing livestock near an abandoned military base.

He was transferred to a medical centre in Orumiyeh in the West Azerbaijan province for treatment.

Zanyar comes from the Sepidar village of Sardasht.