The Criminal Court Two of Bukan, West Azerbaijan province, has sentenced Abdolrahman Nasri and Arman Habibi, family members of the victims of the “Woman, Life, Freedom” protests in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, to six and a half months of imprisonment and 40 lashes each for “disrupting public order”.

This is part of the ongoing pressure and sentencing of families of the victims.

Earlier, Hassan Amini and Hashem Saedi, family members of the victims of the Sanandaj protests, were sentenced to similar sentences by the same court.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that the same court acquitted Sedigh Bahmani, the father of Shaho Bahmani, one of the victims of the anti-government protests in Sanandaj.

On 9 June, Abdolrahman Nasri and Arman Habibi, along with a group of family members of victims of the protests had travelled from the cities of Dehgolan, Sanandaj and Divandareh in Kurdistan province to Saqqez, Kurdistan province, and Bukan to visit the graves of civilians killed during the protests and were arrested as they left Bukan.

The two civilians were later released on bail from Bukan Prison on 16 June.

Matin Nasri, the son of Abdolrahman Nasri, and Aram Habibi, the brother of Arman Habibi, were killed during the protests in Sanandaj as a result of being shot and beaten with batons by the security forces.